Saturday, April 16, 2011

Local Internet Marketing Options - Reaching the First Page of Google

Google, like many others, began as a small business. One way that small businesses are finding works best for them to get exposure to their prospects is the purchase of Google AdWords campaigns. Google's advertising campaign, Google AdWords, charges companies a specific amount to advertise their products or goods through the Google search engine. Companies design Google AdWords campaigns and then use them to drive traffic and sales in their company up. Google's pay per click advertising campaigns are just one way that small businesses can reap some serious rewards. For a great list of ten things you can do to boost your business, visit Page One Marketing.
Google Advertising Solutions-Great Tools for Small Business Marketing

Local internet marketing is the number one way of promoting your local business, your services, or your goods in today's mar

The internet offers us a vast opportunity to reach customers that just a few years ago were out of our scope and grasp. We're not only able to reach those customers and to sell to them, but do so in a way that has lowered the cost significantly over traditional advertising methods. Small businesses, in particular, can benefit dramatically from online marketing. Pay per click, or online advertising, is a remarkably cost-effective way to sell your goods or to promote your business online, especially in the local market.

Have you considered what you do when you're looking for any type of new information or for goods that you've never before purchased? Whether you're looking for a new product or a new service, typically you're going to use a search engine to find it. That has changed completely from just ten years ago, when the telephone directory was where you would look and find anything that you wanted locally.

Statistics tell us that today, more than 80% prospects look online for local businesses, because they use the internet for nearly everything they do, from banking, to finding new recipes, to seeking out and registering for services. This is a powerful tool for marketers to make use of. It is more common that people seek a local service on Google than to search it out in a local directory or other method.

What this means to you is that for small business marketing, Google advertising solutions are going to be the key for you. Google pay per click campaigns, functioning as a marketing tool for your business will put you in a position to expand your reach and increase your profits in a relatively short amount of time. Local internet marketing solutions can be slightly tricky to get started in, but with successful execution, you can expect realistically that your sales and your website traffic will increase dramatically.

Companies who are experts in local internet marketing may be your best bet when it comes to beginning an online advertising campaign. Getting started and making sure that your keywords and content are viable and that your website is well laid out to make your campaign as effective as it can be is a good way to start.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is Your Online Strategy Working?

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If the results aren't exactly what you were hoping for, let's work to get you that exposure so you can get more new clients today! You might be interested in our next webinar - Get More Leads Using the Internet - next Thursday at noon.

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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cost Effective Local Internet Marketing Methods

Internet technology has been pushed to the cell phone and brought GPS location services along. The combination of these technologies has opened the playing field for businesses to better target their advertising by using local internet marketing methods. Using search engine optimization, geo-targeting, and social media along with paid advertising and online directory services gives the local business an advantage over the larger national chains.

Using SEO or search engine optimization allows a business to build their website by using targeted keywords that are common searches in the major search engines. If a potential customer is looking for pizza delivery, restaurants that provide this service can be found more easily if they use the keywords in their web pages.

Geo-targeting combined with Google map services allows the website to use software that locates the customer by IP address. This address gives the system information on their location at least to the city level. Using this information a business is able to target their adverting to people that are close to the actual business and more likely to seek them out.

Social marketing is growing in popularity because the virtual word of mouth advertising that happens can help a business grow through their fans' social networks. Using systems such as Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and others, the business is able to reach out to people that will recommend the services to their own friends.

Paid advertising on the web is often delivered through pay-per-click systems. The value is that the business is not charged for the ads unless they are clicked on. The click is the same as a visit to the businesses website. Because the advertising systems often use the geo-targeting systems it is easy to narrow the adverting to users that are close to the business, which provides a more cost effective use for advertising dollars.

Directory services have become the virtual equivalent of the old phone book that used to be delivered to the porch of every house. Search engines often use this directory information when a user is searching for something like a barber shop. The first results, often list the barber shops within a few miles. It is important for a business to make sure their directory listing is up to date to avoid losing a customer due to a bad phone number or incorrect address.

Putting the various methods together as a larger advertising program allows the business to get their information in front of customers. Because the location based systems exist, it is even more important to use the channels to reach out to potential customers who are in the neighborhood. By reaching customers who are nearby, the business is able to target those who are more likely to buy.

Mobile and Internet technology continues to grow together, opening even more venues for customers to search for the pizza or barber they want. In order for a business to be successful they must embrace and utilize the new technology and push the advertising beyond the traditional print media and enter the virtual world of advertising.

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Good News for Google Advertisers

If you use ReachLocal, Yodel, Dex, YellowBook or any other company to advertise for you, Google wants you to know that they now require that all companies reveal the exact dollar amount they are spending on your behalf with Google. This is great news for you, the advertiser - now you can truly compare one company to the other to be sure you have the best option!


I recently talked to a client of one of these other companies who was SHOCKED to find out that only $1200 of his $3000/month campaign was being spent on Google. He was then ecstatic to hear that for that same $3000/month, we would be spending $2500 on his Google exposure - and in turn, double the new prospects he has, which is the ultimate goal of any marketing.

Click on the image for this important message

(especially if you're using one of these companies)

google transparency

How does your current company stack up?

When comparing the average campaign of one of our competitors, this is what we've found -- for their average campaign of $1500/month, our campaign will get you

double the leads.

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Google's new policy

Third parties should at minimum provide advertisers with monthly data on AdWords costs, clicks, and impressions at the account level.*

Google third parties who provide any level of cost and performance reporting today should make AdWords cost and performance information easily accessible to their advertiser clients and available at the same level of detail as other reporting information. For example, if a third party provides their clients with daily cost and performance reporting at the keyword level, then they'll be required to report daily cost and performance for their clients' AdWords keywords.

For those third parties who don't provide any reporting today, they should, at a minimum, provide advertisers with monthly data on AdWords costs, clicks, and impressions at the account level.

For example, let's say that ABC Agency is managing AdWords campaigns for their client, Joe's Plumbing. In July, the AdWords account for Joe's Plumbing accrues 1,400 clicks on 12,000 impressions for an AdWords cost of $700 (the exact amount charged by AdWords). ABC Agency will be required to provide a report to Joe's Plumbing that shows AdWords cost and performance at the account level:

Joe's Plumbing -- AdWords report for July 2010
Clicks: 1,400
Impressions: 12,000
Cost: $700

If your provider will not provide this information, you should lodge a complaint with Google -

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Most Effective Form of Marketing Ever Invented

Pretend you're magic and you can read minds, and let's suppose your business is plumbing (feel free to insert your own type of business here.) Right now, down the street, John Smith has his credit card in his hand and he says, “I need to get my sink fixed right now!” Now since you can read minds, you know this and because you're magic, you show up right in front of John, right at that moment. You fix his sink, take his credit card, and everyone is HAPPY!

That would be pretty cool!

That’s what internet advertising does and why it’s so effective, because your business gets served up to the prospect at the exact moment they want to buy what you have. In fact the NY Times stated that "search advertising is probably the most effective form of marketing ever invented. Because search queries telegraph a user’s intent with precision, they make it possible to match people with the right ads at the right moment.”

But the problem is that with one trillion websites on the internet, if you aren’t proactive about getting in front of those people who are looking for you, then you’re losing customers because they’re finding your competition instead of you.

So if you’re tired of wasting money on flashy advertising that doesn’t work, let’s find out how many people are actually searching for you online and then get you in front of them when they have their credit cards out.